Greg Pak’s ‘Dead Man’s Run’ Takes Us To Hell In December! MTV Geek

Greg Pak’s ‘Dead Man’s Run’ Takes Us To Hell In December! MTV Geek

Aspen Comics and Valhalla Entertainment are joining forces for an all-new series titled Dead Man’s Run, it was announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2011. Written by award-winning comic book and film writer, Greg Pak, the series will show readers a brand new vision of Hell.

Valhalla and Aspen released this brief description of the new, original series: “In a future where hell exists as an underground prison for the reanimated dead, a young man enlists a team of the damned to escape and save his innocent sister’s soul.”

“We have a wonderful working relationship with Aspen, and it’s very exciting to be working with a talented creator like Greg Pak,” said Gale Anne Hurd.

Aspen Comics President Frank Mastromauro is thrilled about the new property and the publisher’s continued union with Valhalla to create new, original properties: “We’ve (Aspen) shared a close working relationship with Gale, Ben and the talented team at Valhalla for several years now, and this project is something we feel is a perfect fit to follow up our first venture, The Scourge–a title we co-released together last summer. We’ve been itching to work with Greg on a project for quite some time, and it just so happened that he and Valhalla were already in early discussions for Dead Man’s Run, so everything fell right into place perfectly. We can’t wait to continue our partnership with Valhalla and create this exciting new series that we’re sure our fans will highly enjoy.”

Dead Man’s Run will launch with a special introductory #0 issue in November, but the series will officially kick-off with Dead Man’s Run #1 in December.