PDX Comic Geek: Comic Review: The Scourge #5, “Scorched”.

PDX Comic Geek: Comic Review: The Scourge #5, “Scorched”.

The Scourge tells us a story we’ve read before, maybe even watched a few times – a virus/pathogen/infectious agent/bad cheese turns people into a hive minded monster with unstoppable numbers and similar force.  It’s not new but that’s not the point of this story.

See if we ruled things out based on “its been done before” we would have stopped at Superman.  What makes this story unique, and good, is the use of characters to draw you in, taking the Spielberg view of a large catastrophe from the highly personal perspective.

At issue 5 we’re getting to the nuts and bolts of it – it’s time to talk escape or elimination.  New York is about to get blasted to dust to prevent the infection spreading but one Cop, his son, a hot teacher and cab driver are attempting to save the world and get out alive.  The timer is ticking and after a sequence to set the tone with blood, we’re off across the river to Jersey.  Some would argue the infection is better…

The artwork is great and ably supports the writing.  This story isn’t going to surprise you at all, the actions that are taken have their roots so deep within popular culture that the only way to surprise the reader would be to have the entire infection irradiated by a team of ninja clowns powered by their own sense of irony.  It’s a recommendation from me if you’re a fan of the genre or just feel your life is without enough disasters.

The Scourge #5 will be in stores October 19th. -Bretzke