TEAM HELLIONS: Dead Man’s Run #0 from Greg Pak, Tony Parker, Peter Steigerwald, and Josh Reed. Distributed by Aspen Comics and Valhalla Motion Pictures.

TEAM HELLIONS: Dead Man’s Run #0 from Greg Pak, Tony Parker, Peter Steigerwald, and Josh Reed. Distributed by Aspen Comics and Valhalla Motion Pictures.

Here’s the concept:  Hell is a jail.  And tonight there’s gonna be a jailbreak.  Sure, it becomes much more complicated than that.  Read on to find out how.

This is only a preview issue, so don’t expect to know everything yet.  I don’t, but that still doesn’t diminish my new obsession with this book.  We first meet Romero, and over the course of the comic we find out so much more about him but every answer just leads to more questions.  He is a good guy, a guard at this prison, but for a price.  Its so far unknown if he is paying off a debt or protecting someone, but without a doubt Romero is stuck working at this prison for a reason other than choice.

Sam is a cartographer, which seems a very strange profession that would be necessary to quell a jailbreak.  He talks to his sister Juniper, and they both agree that he should get out of there.  Sam wont leave, because this is his job.  He needs to learn that when a soldier who has seen far too much pain in the world tells him this is bad, you listen.

Finally the big reveal of the larger prison.  This is hell, layers and all.  The reason for a correctional facility to employ cartographers is revealed.  Even Dante needed a guide.  Every bad soul you can think of from human history is stuck here.  There is no honor among thieves, or souls, or any sort of beings.  A battalion tries to steal riches while all is chaos around them (are they Nazis or stealing from Saddam’s palace? It doesn’t matter, they’re evil)  when the plants of hell itself comes alive!

The concept is limitless.  It is all hell breaks loose.  Any villain, real or imaginary, from all of history, can be used within the book.  Depending on your concept of hell, and whether or not it exists in linear space, any bad guys from the future can be dragged into hell and into this book.  Our heroes (anti or otherwise) like Romero, Sam and Juniper can die and be gone from the book or die and come back.  If there is a hell, there must be an other side.  There’s another idea, what if Heaven breaks open?

Gah!  I’m so excited for this book I’m at a loss for words.  I want to go down to the comic book shop this week when the title comes out and just fantasy write the title along with everyone else buying the comic.

Don’t forget kids, this is a preview for the title.  Which means preview art.  Oh, glorious teasing preview art.  Look at the Warden!  Oh you cant yet, I’ll tell you, she is shackled!  The Warden doesn’t appear to be there by choice either.  Is the shackle broken or does the art end and off panel there is much much more chain?  We don’t know yet!  I haven’t been so excited to have a mystery to disccect since first season of Lost.  Hopefully Greg Pak actually gives me answers at the end of the title.  Not that I’m looking towards the end game of this already.  The concept is so huge is could potentially be a timeless franchise.  Side stories, reboots, new cast, anything can happen when you’re battling an enemy that is outside all of the universe’s rules as we think we understand them.