PDX Comic Geek Comic Preview: Dead Man’s Run #0

PDX Comic Geek Comic Preview: Dead Man’s Run #0

Concepts about hell and stories therein always suffer a kind of detachment, whereby the ever after for those who are damned seems so far off or such an unlikely event that it’s difficult to connect with the characters, damned or simply threatened to be.  Dead Man’s Run gives us a new and somewhat unexpected take on what’s going on down below.

We open with a prison guard, simple and poor, recalled to an emergency at the prison he, well, guards.  It’s something of the highest order as demonstrated by the hardware on display but it’s clear that our protagonist isn’t new to this, this isn’t his first dog and pony show.  Through technobabble we are introduced to the idea that perhaps this prison is more than it appears, somewhat deeper and far more interesting.

What is revealed inside is too good to explain precisely but the introduction should give you some idea.  In essence this is a prison for all manner of individuals and it looks like they’re subletting the basement.

As this is an issue #0, it’s all establishment and as such all things shown to us are highly transitory, don’t get used to the furniture, we’re burning it all tomorrow.  But the set up is precise and highly entertaining.  Should the premise that is established here continue for an ongoing series this’ll be on my buy list without doubt.

Dead Man’s Run #0 is available in stores November 2nd. -Bretzke