‘The Walking Dead’s’ Michonne gets a Playboy spread

‘The Walking Dead’s’ Michonne gets a Playboy spread

One of the most popular characters from “The Walking Dead’s” comic book source material is a samurai sword-weilding hottie named Michonne. Fans — and even co-executive producer Gale Anne Hurd — have been clamoring for Michonne to make her way onto AMC’s TV adaptation of the story since the show launched in 2010.

We’ve been promised — kind of — that Michonne is in fact coming in Season 3. We haven’t had any actual casting announcement yet, but the character has been dangled as a tantalizing addition to the cast, along with the Governor who we know will be played by David Morrissey.

Now, possibly in a bid to acquiant the general public — at least a certain segment of it — with Michonne, comic book series creator and show co-executive producer Robert Kirkman is set to publish Michonne’s origin story in the April issue of Playboy, which hits newsstands on Friday (March 16).

We’ll apparently find out how she became a butt-kicking, zombie-killing one-woman survivalist after the zombie-apocalypse takes out most of the population. Which will bring everyone up to speed with Michonne before she makes her appearance.

At least one site — The Mary Sue — is objecting to the material’s Playboy release arguing that some of what happens to Michonne in the comic books [***KIND OF SPOILERY AHEAD IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW***] makes the choice of a soft porn mag troubling.

“Publishing the origin story of a character who’s been the victim of sexual assault in the pages of a magazine who’s purpose is to showcase the bodies of woman is concerning to say the least,” writes Jill Pantozzi in The Mary Sue.