Gale Anne Hurd and Peter Calloway talk to Comic Book Resources Television about ANTI

Gale Anne Hurd and Peter Calloway talk to Comic Book Resources Television about ANTI


 Creators Gale Anne Hurd and Peter Calloway stopped by the CBR Yacht during Comic-Con International in San Diego 2012 to talk about their upcoming 12 Gauge book, “Anti,” priced at $1.00. Hurd, a producer on AMC’s “The Walking Dead” spoke at length about her love of comics and how it developed into her career in television.

“I read them under the covers with a flashlight. I hid them under my mattress because I was afraid I’d get sent to a re-education camp. I was mostly a Marvel girl but I read by Batmans and my Supermans. The reason I wanted to do the Hulk was because I was a huge Hulk fan growing up. I loved the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man. Later on, of course, Punisher!”

As for “Anti,” Calloway said it was like the final season of a pilot he had written while serving as writing assistant on “Prison Break.”

“There’s Zachary and Jordan who are the leads,” said Calloway. “There’s a big secret that both of them are holding and we tell the story of that and their struggle. There’s a lot of similarities between the two even though they find themselves in different situations. They come together and they’re thrown together and they struggle with that and who they are and what this all means. The last issue has an enormous battle. It’s saving the world.”

As a longtime comic fan, Hurd spoke about what she looked for in a comic, noting that she appreciates comics with normal people with incredible responsibility thrust upon them. The producer also mentioned her surprise at comics driving the landscape of popular culture, her love of soccer and spoke about the deviation of “The Walking Dead” television show from the comic book.

“Robert Kirkman from the very beginning when Frank Darabont, Robert and I talked about it, said, ‘This is not going to be a panel-by-panel, frame-by-frame adaptation of the comic book. We’re not going to do that. I don’t want the fans to know exactly where this is going and that’s all they talk about. Instead, let’s create new characters,'” Hurd said. “We say that what we do is — there’s a superhighway and the superhighway is the comic book. We’re taking the back roads with the TV series. We’ll come back to the superhighway, but not for long.”

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