Gale Anne Hurd Honored at the 2013 Deauville Film Festival

Gale Anne Hurd Honored at the 2013 Deauville Film Festival

Press Release

39th Deauville Film Festival

Producers’ Day –  September 2, 2013

The APC (Association des producteurs de cinéma) and the PGA (Producers’ Guild of America) appreciated the success of the ‘producers’ day’ they organized on September 2, 2013, alongside the Deauville Film Festival teams and the ‘Commission du Film d’Ile de France’.

The day started with a coffee reception in presence of the teams of the competing movies, and went on with a lunch and a French-American round-table during which US producer Gale Anne Hurd and French producers Marc Missonnier and Thomas Anargyros discussed the topic ‘innovation vs. creativity?’. The event was prepared with the collaboration of Le Film Français and Variety. In the audience were sitting numerous professionals, and, thanks to the help of the US Embassy, students from various filmmaking schools.

After this day, a tribute to honor the career of Gale Anne Hurd was paid, one year after the tribute to producer Paula Wagner.

During the round-table, and in the presence of Philip Breeden, the Minister Counselor for Public Affairs in the field of Culture and Communication at the American Embassy in France, the participants unanimously confirmed the highly vital aspect of the fight against piracy online and the importance of having the necessary means mobilized by public authorities in this perspective.

They also underlined the key role of independent producers as guarantors of film artistic coherence, especially in an environment where the number of financial partners increases for each movie.

Moreover, the participants mentioned the main differences between the US and French systems. In the US, financing mostly comes from private investors, on the basis of exploitation windows ruled by contracts. The French system and its ‘media chronology’ particularity are based on regulation – which guarantees more the production of various independent movies. Both sides of the Atlantic experience the same difficulties concerning the financing of films with middle-range budgets.

It has been noted that the cinema industry was in a transition period: it is facing both the globalization and new economic models online, which are neither stabilized nor sustainable yet. It is important to go forward, but with pragmatism and carefulness, especially in a context where cost control is essential.  This implies that the use of technical innovation should be done in a chosen way, which means it should be done in order to serve the best interest of a movie.

Gale Anne Hurd explained that, in the United States, social networks are present in the process of audiovisual production. However, if they offer a privileged point of view on fans’ opinion, it is the job of a producer to find the best balance between paying attention to these and preserving writers’ creativity and boldness.

At last, the three producers discussed the wish to see the attractiveness of the French territory being developed, as well as the French-American relations in the field of independent cinema.

The APC and the PGA appreciated the richness of the debate and of the exchanges that later took place between the audience and the three guests, in the full respect of the cultural specificities of each country.

They wish to thank the organizing teams of the Deauville Film Festival that have made this event possible and strongly contributed to its success. They also wish to thank the Commission du film d’Ile de France for its support and without which this ‘producers’ day’ would never had taken place.