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Exclusive Interview with the Costume Assistants on “The Walking Dead”, Hollis Smith & Tessa Kicklighter

Hollis Smith and Tessa Kicklighter are production assistants with our costume department on “The Walking Dead”, where they buy and manage the costumes.  They are both newcomers to the industry and are very excited to be a part of the crew.  Hollis graduated from Jacksonville University with a degree in theatre arts.  He has since

Of lords and ladies — and zombies!

‘Downton,’ ‘Walking Dead’ have lots in common By BRIAN LOWRY One of the key takeaways from the current TV season has involved the important reminder that hits can now emanate from anywhere, underscored by the enviable ratings for “The Walking Dead” and now “Downton Abbey.” Part of that has to do with shifting consumption patterns, allowing

Exclusive Video Q&A With Darrell Pritchett, The Special Effects Supervisor on “The Walking Dead”

Darrell is the Special Effects Supervisor on “The Walking Dead”, which means he designs and coordinates special effects, such as fires, explosions and crashes.  He got his start in this field on the 1979 film “Star Trek:  The Motion Picture” where he ran the mechanical special effects.  He has since been the special effects coordinator on

Exclusive Interview with Gale Anne Hurd from The Trusteeship

Gale Anne Hurd is an accomplished woman in a field traditionally dominated by men.  Now CEO of Valhalla Entertainment, Gale Anne has a history of mega-hits including The Terminator, which she produced and co-wrote,Aliens, Terminator 2, The Incredible Hulk and many others.  Recently, she has produced the TV series, The Walking Dead.  Capping this fabulous career to date,